The premium coffee flavors of Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia compliments of Ban Black


Flavors arise with the perfect roast. Beans are roasted to perfection from medium to dark


No matter what you use to brew your coffee, you need the perfect grind from coarse to fine


for the love of coffee

You deserve a great cup of coffee. Treat yourself to a single origin of your choice and enjoy a tasty premium cup of coffee

i need coffee


A coffee is never perfect without the right gear by your side. We always have a wide range of coffee gear and accessories to make that cup of coffee just perfect

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Brew Kit

Nothing says more than a kit full of coffee and gear. Pick the right kit for you or someone who loves to enjoy a great coffee setup

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Coffee Match

Want to know what’s the best coffee for you? We’ll send you the coffee unlabeled, try them out, let us know the number, and we’ll let you know the origin

Match Me

Discover your coffee character

A fun little game to help you discover your coffee character and what type of coffee and equipment suites you best. Find out what type of coffee drinker you are

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