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We are very excited to see you take on the French Press Journey with us.

Here are some very easy instructions on how to prepare your coffee To Go!
This post will cover
* How to prepare a French Press?

If you wish to know more… (Check the links below)
* How much water & coffee do you need in a French Press?
* How to measure how much coffee is in your spoon?

How to prepare a French Press?
First, heat your water up to 92C (For any reason you boiled the water, just leave it to rest for 30 seconds)

*We will be using between 60 to 70 grams of coffee for 950ML


Add 20 grams of Ban Black Coffee for each 300 ML of water


We normally use as a benchmark between 60 grams and 70 grams of coffee per 900 to 950 ML of water. Increasing or decreasing coffee becomes personal preference based on taste.


Pour your water, stir the coffee & Close the Lid with the Filter rod pointing out.


Leave your coffee to brew inside for at least 3 minutes.
We average 4 minutes of brew time for a French press.
It all goes back to taste; Extracting more (more time) or less (less time) goes back to the way you want your coffee to taste.


After time is up, press down on the metallic rod; the filter presses down the coffee to the bottom and you have a ready to drink French press, Enjoy!


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