Timemore Manual Coffee Grinder Chestnut C3

95 USD

The Timemore C3 is an excellent hand grinder suitable for filter brewing and espresso**. Its low cost and standout build quality make it one of the best-value manual coffee grinders on the market.


  • High sharpness burrs : 5 axis CNC Cutting
  • Consistent Grinding : Dual Bearing to fix  center shaft
  • Smooth Grinding : Solid texture for tight hand grip
  • precise Coarseness : Point to point adjustment
  • original patented S2C660 burrs
  • Diameter : 38mm

** Please note that the C3 is not recommended if you are looking for an espresso grinder with very fine micro tuning. Please check the Chestnut X series for espresso grinding.

Timemore Manual Coffee Grinder Chestnut C3
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