Moka Pot [Italian Coffee Pot] – Black Edition

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Introducing the Heritage Italian Black Moka Pot, a celebration of time-honored craftsmanship and the rich coffee traditions of Italy. Elevate your coffee experience with this sleek, classic stovetop brewer, embodying the essence of Italian heritage. Crafted to perfection, it’s more than a pot; it’s a tribute to the artistry of Italian coffee culture. In a bold, espresso-black color, this Moka pot not only brews exceptional coffee but also pays homage to the timeless elegance of Italian design. Immerse yourself in the heritage of Italy with every aromatic cup from the Heritage Italian Black Moka Pot.

  • Stovetop Moka Pot
  • 100% Aluminum
  • It consists of a total of three sections: the water tank, the ground coffee tank, and the body in which the coffee is prepared.
  • It is completely safe for hot beverage contact and is made of high-quality aluminum.
  • Serves 3 Small Cups (3 Cups = 180 ml) Serves 6 Small Cups (6 Cups = 360 ml)
Moka Pot [Italian Coffee Pot] – Black Edition
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