Octagon Coffee Brewing Pitcher 600 ml + Stainless Filter [Chemex*]

35 USD

Introducing the Octagon Chemex Coffee Brewer – a brewer that marries aesthetics with functionality. Embrace the art of coffee making with this unique octagonal design. Complete with a stainless mesh filter, this brewing marvel eliminates the need for paper filters, ensuring sustainability and robust flavor. Crafted for both form and function, the Octagon Chemex is a statement piece for coffee enthusiasts. Elevate your brew with precision and style – a seamless fusion of design and sustainability, making each pour a masterpiece. Experience the Octagon Chemex and redefine your coffee ritual today.

Brewing Technique: Chemex style
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Handle: Wood
Capacity: 600 ml
Filter: Included (Stainless)
Design: Octagon Base Shape

** Does not require V60 Paper Filter

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