Kaleido Roaster M2 Series [100g / 400g]

Introducing the Kaleido M2
Your Home Coffee Roasting Essential. Experience the art of coffee crafting with this compact roaster, accommodating 50g to 400g batches. From novice experimentation to potential entrepreneurship, the Kaleido M2 empowers you to create bespoke blends and share the joy of freshly roasted coffee with friends and family.


Model: Sniper M2
Roasting Capacity: 50g to 400g
Power: 1600W / 220V
Trier Available: Yes
Roasting Time: up to 10 minutes per Batch
Cooling Time: 2 to 3 minutes Rapid Cooling
Chaff Collection: Automatic
Heating Method: Carbon Fiber Infrared + Hot Air
Configuration Setup: Kaleido System / Artisan System / Dual
Connection Setup: Bluetooth / USB

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