The Ultimate Explorer Set

242 USD

☕🌟Ultimate Explorer’s Set: Elevate Your Coffee Adventure! 🌍🎁

Embark on a journey with our Ultimate Explorer’s Set, a curated collection for coffee enthusiasts seeking extraordinary brews. Featuring a Black Timemore French Press and the Timemore C3 Grinder, this set is complemented by the innovative Timemore Black Mirror Basic Pro—a precision coffee scale with a timer, flow rate measurement, and a rechargeable design.

Pair your exploration with two exclusive coffee bags, each promising a unique tasting journey. Sip in style with the modern Ban Black Double Wall Mugs, designed to preserve the perfect temperature of your brew.

Gift the Ultimate Explorer’s Set to unlock a world of precision, innovation, and flavor in every cup. ☕🌟

The Ultimate Explorer Set includes
1 x Black Timemore 450ml U French Press
1 x Timemore Chestnut C3 Grinder
1 x Timemore Black Mirror Basic Pro Scale
2 x Coffee Bags (250 gr.)
2 x Ban Black Double Wall Coffee Mugs

The Ultimate Explorer Set
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