Precision White Bliss Set

172 USD

☕✨ Precision White Bliss Set: Elegance Meets Precision! ✨🎁

Indulge in perfection with our Precision White Bliss Set. Featuring a White Timemore 450ml French Press, Timemore Chestnut C3 Grinder for precision grinding, two Ban Black Single Origin Coffee bags for a flavor-rich journey, and two Ban Black Double Wall Mugs for stylish sipping. This set is a symphony of elegance and precision, ensuring each sip is a blissful and refined coffee experience. Gift the joy of perfection today!


The Precision White Bliss Set includes
1 x White Timemore 450ml U French Press
1 x Timemore Chestnut C3 Grinder
2 x Ban Black Single Origin Coffee Bags (250 gr.)
2 x Ban Black Double Wall Coffee Mugs

Precision White Bliss Set
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