Precision Brew Master Set

172 USD

☕✨ Precision Brew Master Set: Elevate Your Coffee Craftsmanship! ✨🎁

Immerse yourself in the world of precision brewing with our exclusive Precision Brew Master Set. This curated collection features the Black Timemore 450ml French Press for a rich coffee experience, paired with the Timemore C3 Grinder for the perfect grind size.

Included are two exclusive coffee bags, each promising a delightful journey of flavor. Complete the experience with our Ban Black Double Wall Mugs—sleek, modern, and designed to keep your brew at the perfect temperature.

Gift the artistry of brewing with the Precision Brew Master Set, where every sip becomes a celebration of style, flavor, and precision. Elevate your coffee ritual today! ☕🎁

The Precision Brew Master Set includes
1 x Black Timemore 450ml U French Press
1 x Timemore Chestnut C3 Grinder
2 x Coffee Bags (250 gr.)
2 x Ban Black Double Wall Coffee Mugs

Precision Brew Master Set
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