Crystal Elegance Drip Set

91 USD

💎✨ Crystal Elegance Drip Set: Mesmerizing Coffee Symphony! ✨🎁

Unveil the magic of coffee brewing with our Crystal Elegance Drip Set. Featuring the Timemore B75 Crystal Eye Flat Bottom Dripper with a captivating crystal finish, a 600 ml sleek Timemore Coffee server, two Ban Black Coffee bags curated for flavor exploration, a Timemore Flat Bottom Filter Paper set for precision brewing, and one Ban Black Double Wall Mug for stylish sipping. Gift a shimmering symphony of delight to elevate the coffee experience! ☕

The Crystal Elegance Drip Set includes
1 x Timemore Wave Crystal Eye B75 Dripper
2 x Ban Black Single Origin Coffee Bags (250 gr.)
1 x Ban Black Double Wall Coffee Mug
1 x Timemore Coffee Server 600ml
1 x Timemore Basket Paper Filter

Crystal Elegance Drip Set
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